Miguel Ángel Rojas

1946, Bogotá

With a career spanning more than 50 years, Miguel Ángel Rojas’ practice reflects on topics like marginality, gender, identity, injustice, double standards, the loss of values, drug trafficking and war. In the late 1960’s, driven by a personal pursuit and seduced by photography’s technical qualities, Rojas began to explore the medium until adopting it as one of the ideal techniques to critically look at his own context and his difference from the norm. The freedom that came with venturing into working with unaccepted themes and artistic materials, prompted the artist to approach engraving, drawing, painting, video, photographic reductions, and installation in highly innovative ways.

[…] It is for the seminal pop artist Richard Hamilton that Rojas reserves the description “a kind of hero”. Among the first to adopt the images of mass culture as high art, Hamilton nudged Rojas towards an awareness of the relevance of his own culture’s diverse expressions, from Latin music and folklore to the pre-Columbian form.

Rachel Spence – Financial Times

*Photograph courtesy of Museo de Arte Moderno de Bogotá MAMBO