35 years of "Quince" - Antonio Caro

On the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the publication of Antonio Caro’s book of poems ‘quince’, we invite you to Casas Riegner to be part of an activation. We share this reading of some of the poems from the book, and we will have copies of them that you can take freely at La Oficina del Doctor as a way to keep alive the spirit of the work of the artist, who regularly used photocopying as a means of circulation. We invite you to stop by the gallery and become part of those who keep Caro’s work alive. The manuscript of ‘quince’ is part of the exhibition ‘Las cosas no terminan, somos su continuación’, an expositoin that establishes a dialogue between different artists and the textual production of Adolfo Bernal. This exhibiiton brings together a series of works whose thematic axis is the question of the role of language and the potential of words.

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