Rosemberg Sandoval at Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz

Casas Riegner is pleased to announce Rosemberg Sandoval’s participation in the exhibition "Dualities in Equalities: Art, Technology, Society in Latin America" with his installation “El cuarto del artista en Bahareque” (The Artist’s Room in Bahareque). Featuring nine artistic outlooks from the region and cultural context of Latin America, the exhibition, taking place at the Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz in Austria, invites the six winners of the CIFO Awards to showcase their works alongside the three winners of the CIFO x Ars Electronica Awards. 

El cuarto del artista en Bahareque is a tribute and an objective portrait of the artist’s family, treated with glazes and transparencies of mud and dust representing millions of Colombians, particularly indigenous people forcibly displaced from their homeland. The technique used for this work is an installation-intervention made with paper, wood, metal, bone, plastic and various found objects.

The exhibition will be open until September 27th, 2023.