2007 – Mateo López: Anecdotal Topography

October 25 – November 17

Casas Riegner is pleased to announce an exhibition of new works by emerging contemporary artist Mateo Lopez which will be on view from October 25th- November 17th 2007. The show includes a large installation comprised of carefully arranged works on paper, sculptures, intervened objects and a video, all gathered under the title “Topografia Anecdotica” (Anecdotal Topography).

Topografia Anecdotica (Anecdotal Topography) is understood as a compilation and interpretive process of Lopez’s previous project titled “Diario de Motocicleta” (Motorcycle Diary), an itinerating exhibition presented in the cities of Medellin and Cali, and construed along the way while driving on a Vespa Motorcycle through different Colombian towns.

The artist traveled a total of 2153km at 60km per hour on his Vespa or better yet portable artist’s studio. Randomly stopping here and there to gaze at the landscape, or visit a small unfamiliar town, the young discoverer would make written annotations on his diary or create visual commentaries in the form of a drawings or photographs that would later remind him of a particular incident, event or place. Like a romantic traveler, Lopez would spend hours looking steadily and intently at the world before his eyes, often fixating his gaze on the unnoticeable. The contrasting vegetation, hotel and restaurant signs, billiards, abandoned train stations—all idiosyncratic symbols and features of particular places—became the artist’s source of inspiration for the creation of the project “Motorcycle Diary” exhibited in Medellín and Cali.

Topografia Anecdotica (Anecdotic Topography), encompasses a range of drawings, sculptures and intervened found objects, most of which were created after the artist’s arrival to Bogotá with the help of a large collection of photographs taken throughout his entire motorcycle journey. This new exhibition is a witty body of work capable of seducing and surprising the spectator through the artist’s astounding capacity of transforming the most simple and modest materials. Moreover, it evidences the deliberate yet keen manner in which Lopez observes and apprehends the world around him, focusing his attention on minute details; his mental impressions are materialized into amusingly clever works of art capable of recounting stories and anecdotes of places and past events.

Bogotá-based artist Mateo Lopez was born in 1978. He earned a degree in Fine Arts at Los Andes University in Bogotá. He has had solo exhibitions in Bogotá and Mexico City, and most recently was awarded first prize at this year’s Cuenca Biennale in Ecuador. He has participated in numerous group shows in Bogotá, and his work is currently being shown at the MAMBA (Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires) as part of the exhibition Sincronías.