Liliana Sánchez

Liliana Sánchez

1979, Bogotá

One of the main themes in Liliana Sánchez’s work is the interaction between the physical process and the problem of knowledge. Her works activate arbitrary programs in which chance and the material’s physicality give way to genesis and technical solutions. Liliana Sánchez constantly explores traditional media through the potential of its basic elements, that unfold multiple growth and expansion dynamics through minimal gestures in the space. Her work highlights the power of transformation processes in their capacity of modulation, phenomena that make evident variations within apparently fixed systems. By sparking this chain of events, materiality, causality and contingency, form and sense are established by a natural and flexible system as by a rational and pre-established system.

"My art work deals with the essence of nature in relation to the phenomena of the physical world. I seek to contrast procedures of formal construction and their function as symbolic devices. By immersing into a microcosm based on individual rules and random facts, I execute simple gestures to create vital events. In so doing, I evoke novel natures that constitute new realities with different possible meanings. 


Giving precedence to my creative process rather than the end product, results in focusing on actions that carry within a beginning and an end. In this process elements oscillating between the fields of figuration and abstraction are related to a visual vocabulary involving metaphors and non-literal structures in order to open the boundaries of feeling and perception, and offer the viewer an experience guided by sense.”