Un día después

Participating artists: Beatriz González, Rosemberg Sandoval, Miguel Ángel Rojas, Antonio Caro, Alex Rodríguez, Leonardo Herrera, Leyla Cárdenas, Icaro Zorbar, Beatriz Eugenia Díaz, Liliana Sánchez, Wilson Díaz

An exchange of artistic viewpoints about the social, political and environmental issues faced by Colombia is deemed necessary, as art has the ability to generate dialogues, reveal truths, establish connections, and evoke sensations.

Un día después gathers diverse interpretations of Colombia´s reality, while exploring ways to understand the multiple aspects of a highly polarized society in transition that has been affected by its governmental policies or lack thereof. This exhibition aims to contrast discourses and images capable of questioning and seducing the spectator, while manifesting the artists’ responsiveness to the current moment and its inherent complexities.

The work of a multigenerational group of artists/thinkers/researchers, which draws attention to the environmental, social, and political and cultural challenges of a country facing a transitional stage, reveals life’s fragile nature and the complex challenges that come with ruling a nation. Besides providing new perspectives on present and past situations, the exhibition attempts to bring to the fore viewpoints that move away from reductive and simplistic vocabularies, but rather help understand the nuances, complexities, variations, probabilities and unforeseen circumstances of an ever-changing reality.

Paula Bossa