Rosemberg Sandoval

Rosemberg Sandoval

1959, Cartago

“ is in the confinement of the pandemic, when social inequality, ignorance, hunger, uncertainty, fear, and poverty become transparent and I steal from the lady who sells arepas on the corner a charcoal stick with the one I write on a band of recycled plastic bags linked together: LA POBREZA ME EMPUTA” This is how Rosemberg Sandoval describes the performance LA POBREZA ME EMPUTA (LIMBO), which will take place on Saturday, October 29 at 1:30 p.m., on the façade of the Casas Reigner gallery.

“The subjects that are treated in Sandoval’s pieces are nothing more and nothing less than what he sees in his immediate surroundings; they are, simply, real. The drama, the pain, and the dirt are shown starkly not only because the artist makes this decision but also because reality often presents itself starkly in the eyes of the people”

Álvaro Villalobos


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