Icaro Zorbar

Icaro Zorbar

1977, Bogotá

Icaro Zorbar’s work encompasses different fields, researching the creation of hybrid machines, made with old and new found parts and with obsolete and current technologies, all fractured and transformed by the passage of time. It directs our attention towards reproduction devices (turntables, music boxes, slide projectors, sound systems) and to their bizarre ability to freeze time and keep it frozen almost indefinitely, for as long as the electricity permits so. But the subtle gestures of his pieces suggest that in the freezing of these reproduced sounds or images, there are always variations: dust, quality alterations, unexpected noise, imperfections, small failures, that inevitably evoke nostalgia. Combining his personal experiences with literary and cinematographic references, Zorbar questions the relation that humans establish with what surrounds and transforms them, what encourages or limits them, making multiple readings possible at different levels, all of them capable of transmitting fallibility, the feature that lies behind every human action.

“Zorbar invites the visitor to contribute to, to “attend” his installations, conceding him the power to determine how much life to activate in each piece and for how long. He invites us to be there and he reminds us that our attention will guide what feelings will come out of these simple, material, apparently inert machines." 

Paula Bossa