Santiago Díaz Escamilla

Santiago Díaz Escamilla

1992, Bogotá

He studied Visual Arts at the Pontifical Xavierian University, in Bogotá, where he currently lives and works. His material exploration in sculpture, drawing, video, photography, and writing, examines natural phenomena and the place these dynamics occupy in our way of recognizing and experiencing the world we inhabit. He has been part of exhibitions and screenings in Colombia, Germany, Brazil, Spain, Mexico, and Finland such as: Ser Dejar Estar (With Liliana Sánchez). Casas Riegner (2020); Universos desdoblados. 45 National Salon of Artists: El revés de la trama, MAMBO - Museum of Modern Art of Bogotá, 2019; El espacio entre las cosas. Espacio Odeón, Bogotá, 2019; Háganlo mientras sean jóvenes. Artecámara Section, International Art Fair of Bogotá, ARTBO, Bogotá, 2017; Colômbia Afora. Oficina Cultural Oswald de Andrade. São Paulo, Brazil, 2017; Under a Common Ground (with Hannes Middleberg). Immigration Office, Bremen, Germany, 2014. Some of his acknowledgments include: VI Sara Modiano prize, Sara Modiano Foundation for the Arts (Bogotá, 2018); LABVERDE Grant, LABVERDE - Art Immersion Program in the Amazon (Manaus, Brazil, 2018); Tutor fellowship CONSCAR 2017, Flora ars + natura (Bogotá, 2017). In 2016, he was selected by the artist Joan Jonas to participate in the annual workshop of the Botín Foundation (Santander, Spain).

How can we see or describe the journey of a sand particle transported by the wind in a desert? How do those forces that surround us and affect us, but which we also alter, develop? What does it mean to think about that which we do not know what it is? Through operations encompassing time, imagination, accumulation, and relationships between scales, Diaz Escamilla's practice develops as a system of thought and speculation.