Textile Abstraction

Textile Abstraction examines the use of fabric in the realm of visual art, and in particular its relation to abstraction in the work of 29 contemporary artists. This publication, which complements the exhibition that took place in Casas Riegner from April to July of 2018, puts specific emphasis on the work of artists from Latin America, in part because of the location of the exhibition in Colombia, but more broadly due to the high concentration of artists working with textiles in this part of the world. The Latin American artists are complemented by artists from other areas of the globe who have dissimilar attitudes toward fabric as an artistic material, often rooted in popular culture and/or Western traditions of assemblage, painting, and even sculpture. In addition, Textile Abstraction features a special contribution from the students of Escuela de Artes y Oficios Santodomingo, who hand-crafted the textiles dividing the different sections of the book. Inspired by Carlos Rojas, these textiles allude to the publication’s collaborative character and also play an homage to the artisan traditions of Colombia.

Design by: Jon Sueda
Editor: Jens Hoffmann
Co-editor: Felipe Villada
Published by: La Oficina del Doctor – Casas Riegner, BTG Pactual Bogotá