Soy Bogotá

Soy Bogotá is a curated guide that brings together the city’s most representative locations from the perspective of its influential residents: each neighborhood is presented by an insider able to make the most pertinent recommendations to the sophisticated traveler or to those ‘bogotanos’ with an appetite for discovering new places.

This independent and alternative guide covers art, fashion, music, food, bookstores and even Bogotá’s night scene alongside special contributions by well-known artists such as José Antonio Suárez Londoño, Power Paola, Kevin Mancera, Mateo López, Harrison Tobón, Esteban Borrero and the collective Popular de Lujo.

Design by: Arnaud Baudin

Editor: Kristina McLean

Co-editor: Felipe Villada

Published by: La Oficina del Doctor – Casas Riegner Bogotá