Cuaderno de ejercicios para un espía

Cuaderno de ejercicios para un espía makes up a secret story throughout ten chapters. In a similar way as an artist (or a spy), the reader’s task is to track, make questions, inquire with vigilant eyes. By creating a collage of his personal archive, Luis Roldán shapes a series of slides of intertwined maps, instructions, recipes, incomplete sentences, and iconic twentieth century images from which the careful reader —by free association— could discover his/her own history.

This publication belonged to the exhibition Rompecabezas (Puzzle) showed from July 24 to October 25 of 2014 at the Museo La Tertulia, Cali.

Design by: Tangrama

Published by: La Oficina del Doctor – Casas Riegner, Henrique Faria Fine Art, Museo La Tertulia Bogotá