…antes de Cuiabá

… antes de Cuiabá, along personal anecdotes about Antonio Caro and his artistic life gathers together the decade of the seventies in published articles about his oeuvre and about how he earned his place in Colombian art. The works that stood out the most and the ones he is recognized for today can also be appreciated. It was during this time that the artist was known in the art world and was characterized for the messages contained in his works, always direct and frequently controversial where the viewer could look at himself in a critical way. His interest was to always express his political and social opinions without worrying about the reaction he could cause to those in question. The book talks about Caro’s experiences as an artist in the period previous to the invitation by Aline Figueiredo to exhibit in the Museo de Arte y Cultura Popular in Cuiabá, Brazil.

Design by: El monocromo

Text by: Antonio Caro

Published by: Casas Riegner Bogotá