Cinta Amarilla

In the context of the retrospective exhibition Beatriz González: Una Retrospectiva at Museo de Arte Miguel Urrutia, Casas Riegner presents Cinta Amarilla, an exhibition gathering new paintings and drawings by the renowned Colombian artist.

Beatriz González’s most recent work reveals the sensitive gaze of an artist, who, based on her thorough and critical observation of events that have marked the complex reality of her country, creates works that while poignant, remind us to fight our country’s collective amnesia.

González’s Cinta Amarilla (Yellow Boundary Tape) relates to Auras Anónimas (2007-2009), her iconic site-specific intervention of Bogotá’s Central Cemetery, consisting of 8957 serigraphic images of cargueros (men carrying corpses) covering the empty niches of the columbaria. A no trespassing yellow boundary tape, signaling a hazardous area, surrounds the columbaria, currently in a feeble state. In Cinta Amarilla, González merges the images of the cordoned off Aura’s Anónimas with the silhouetted figures of men carrying corpses, and images found in the press of containing the DO NOT CROSS boundary tape, so as to create a graphic conceptual artwork that seeks to warn the viewer of the global threat that lurks upon us, while insisting on the mourning of Colombia’s tragic history.

In line with works like Diez metros de Renoir (1978) and Decoración de interiores (1981), which were sold in fragments as a democratizing and defiant act against the art market, Cinta Amarilla will also be sold in fractions measuring 110 cms long.