“Titled URGENT!, the 41st National Artists’ Salon in Cali, Colombia was one of the most refreshing exhibitions I have seen in years. It presented both a younger generation of remarkable Latin American artists who are little known outside their home countries (Mateo López, Nicolas Paris, Johanna Calle, Marcelo Cidade, Gabriel Sierra) and a more mature group of artists who are not often seen outside the region (Leon Ferrari, Adolfo Bernal, Bernando Salcedo, Luis Camnitezer, Leonilson, Pedro Alcantara, Miguel Angel Rojas).”

“Mateo López created a mesmerizing, labyrinthine office space filled with lyrical paper sculptures exhibited on old tables and within antique-looking display cases and cabinets, based on an exploration of the now-defunct railway system in Colombia..”

“In the midst of endless conversations about the global condition of the art world, it was both puzzling energizing to meet artists of such calibre – many of whom have been active for years—whose names I had barely heard of and whose work I had never encountered before.”