Return To The Maloca

Miguel ángel Rojas' most recent exhibition "Return To The Maloca" will be open from the 25th of March at the MAMBO museum, don't miss it!

The exhibition Returning to the Maloca focuses on the effects of colonial rule on indigenous civilizations in the Colombian Amazon and their present consequences. Heavily affected by armed conflict, drug trafficking, political insensibility, displacement, and environmental exploitation.

Miguel Ángel Rojas is one of the most influential artists in the Colombian art context. Pioneer in the use of photography as an artistic medium since 1970, his artistic practice analyzes topics as identity, politics, marginality, gender, sexuality, population displacement, violence, war, extractivism, drug trafficking and the production and consumption of drugs. He uses materials that acquire symbolic and historical value as coca leaves, gold and dust.

For more information about the exhibition and how to visit click here.