‘Tisseuses de Mémoire’

We are pleased to share with you that Leyla Cárdenas will be part of the exhibition ‘Tisseuses de Mémoire’ (Weavers of memory) at Arte Faktos, Paris, France. The exhibition curated by Carolina Ariza “presents the work of four female Colombian artists weaving memory. The process of weaving implies, among other things, the absence of voices, and the silence as a metaphorical correspondence that points, on one hand, the voice of women reduced to silence, which appears throughout the world”. About the work of Leyla, the curator says “her artwork evokes the destruction as a medium of construction, she allows to see what constitutes a particular place and all the confluences and dimensions of its interior”.

Where: Arte Faktos/Art. 12, rue Notre Dame de Nazareth. 75003 Paris

When: March 28 – April 25 2019.