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Eclipse #4 - Luz Lizarazo

En el ojo nace la rosa - Luz Lizarazo

The exhibition is divided into three parts. The Day refers to the course of a life, from birth to the day of death. The Night, the moment when the eyes are closed to look inward, for rest, but also for introspection. And the Center is an eclipse where we find the union of light and darkness, of the opposites that complement each other but also oppose each other, of the state in which we find ourselves every day, of what we finally are as human beings full of brightness and knowledge, but also of fears and contradictions.

Curated by Paula Bossa

Saturday, April 22nd - 11 am



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Curator: Paula Bossa

Infocus: Las cosas no terminan, somos su continuación

"Las cosas no terminan, somos su continuación" takes as its thematic axis and catalyst of dialogues, the textual production of Adolfo Bernal made between 1975-1989. Additionally, it is inspired by the collection of poems Antes del día, written and published by Bernal in 1976, when he was still a student of Design at the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana in Medellín. This book of poems represented a turning point in Bernal's artistic journey, since the study of the word here turned towards the synthesis of poetic discourse and later towards the radical proposal of converting the word into image. 


Adolfo Bernal, Antonio Caro, Bernardo Ortiz, Carlos Alfonso, Luz Lizarazo, Luis Roldán, María Teresa Hincapié and Santiago Díaz-Escamilla

Curated by Paula Bossa



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