Cachorra takes over InFocus!

Next Thursday, August 4, Cachorra takes In Focus, a program that seeks to activate alternative spaces to the main rooms of our gallery through conversations with artists, curators, and cultural agents that result in more experimental exhibition processes. 

Cachorra is an independent space that was born in 2021 to offer a window of visibility to artists who are just beginning their careers, thus facilitating their entry into the ecosystem of the arts. They generate strategies that allow them to stay true to their mission, this has allowed them to understand themselves now as a curatorial collective that remains active even though they currently do not have a physical venue.  

Cachorra gives the artists they work with the opportunity to hold a first solo exhibition that is not governed by the dynamics of the market, allowing them to develop less conventional and more conceptually ambitious projects.

On this occasion, Casas Riegner and Cachorra present an intensive program that brings together 12 young artists in three solo exhibitions and a group show that takes over the terrace through works and interventions throughout the cycle.

We invite you to visit us and get to know the work of the artists that make up this group show: Nicolás Barrera, Abraham Benjumea, Valentina Cadena, Gabriel Alberto Garzón, Paulina Moncada, Natalia Mustafá, Paloma Pardo, Susana Oliveros, Wilmer Rodriguez, Carolina Rosso, Francia Villabona, Marianna Velasco,