Bernardo Ortiz | Amant Residency Siena


CASAS RIEGNER announces the participation of Bernardo Ortiz in the Amant Residency Siena taking place during the summer of 2023. The Amant Residency only accepts residents through a nomination process and Ortiz has been honored as one of the seven artists selected for this anually program. The Studio & Research Residency Siena is a platform for professionals involved in diverse artistic disciplines, including music, fiction and nonfiction writing, poetry, and the visual arts.

Bernardo Ortiz’s artwork has delved into the act of drawing. For him, drawing is the act of dragging something that leaves a trace. His works invite the spectator to come closer and observe the subtleties of his handmade process, which prompt deep reflections about the passage of time and the physical actions associated with drawing.

Bernardo incorporates words and phrases extracted from specific poems, lyrics, or literary works. According to Ortiz, “a page is a material support but also a discursive space, and the boundaries between the two are tenuous ... it has two sides and can be real or fictional.”

Ortiz’s artistic practice is grounded in the concepts of habit and repetition. For this residency, Bernardo intertwines his daily drawing exercises with the rich historical context of Chiusure, particularly in the repetitive traditions of early Christianity within the Abbey of Monte Olivetto Maggiore.


Sin Titulo (Lino) 12, 2016

Graphite on linen

140 x 70 cm 




Sin Titulo (Anotaciones), 2018

Ink and graphite on tracing paper

53.5 x 67.5 x 4 cm