‘Anáneko-Arquitectura Emocional’

We are pleased to announce that Angélica Teuta’s project ‘Anáneko-Arquitectura Emocional’ will open at the University of Antioquia in the celebration of CAMPUS 50, with the curator Oscar Roldán. “This installation is the result of the joint work of the artist Angélica Teuta, the biologist Natalia Uribe, the poet Selnich Vivas Hurtado and their workgroups, which aims at the constant construction of a mini convergence ecosystem for the areas that each one represents”.


Camilo Torres Restrepo’s Theater Hall

Universidad de Antioquia – Calle 67 No. 53 – 108

Medellín, Colombia

When: Thursday 27 July, 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.