Luis Roldán

Luis Roldán

1955, Cali

Luis Roldán’s interests relate to the exploration of abstract painting, its materials, structures and final appearance. Using a wide range of media and supports, he presents an experimental and object-oriented review of the pictorial gesture. Incorporating different methodologies and techniques, Roldán creates links between his literary, poetic or musical references, and his research about color, surface, and the painting’s support.

“Through the mutability of his materials, Roldán explores the construction of time and space, as a personal quest but also as a private expression of collective memory. After recovering them carefully, Roldán reworks and reintegrates the found fragments into delicate constructions and spatial sequences that are subtly but questionably charged with the pathos of contemporary urban space.”

Carolina Ponce de León

*Photograph by Marlise Steeman


Exhibitions Casas Riegner