Danilo Dueñas

1956, Cali

Dueñas’ art doesn’t involve preliminary sketches or anything that entails previous planning. The artist’s creative process which involves rationality and intuition, takes place without any knowledge of what the finished work will look like. The selection of materials such as tires, wooden beams, Formica, nails, valences, and fluorescent lights, comes about spontaneously. However, the ordering of the objects within the work is a rational process in which the properties of the materials are carefully taken into account. “The thought takes place within the work” affirms Dueñas who willingly allows himself to be seduced by the qualities of the materials. As he surrenders himself to the beauty of ordinary objects, the artist proceeds to manipulate and transform the object both physically and conceptually, thereby extracting the object from its original context and introducing it within a new artistic discourse.

“In the nineties, Dueñas chose to install his works in a peculiar way, since then, it has allowed him to subvert museography’s laws –and therefore question the institutional mechanism in which they are found– succeeding in detaching himself from traps and seductions that finally seek to control the artist and his work.”

Carmen María Jaramillo