2006 – Mateo López: Adentro y en medio

May 25 – June 30

Beginning Thursday May 25th, Casas Riegner Gallery will present “Adentro y en Medio” (Inside and in Between) a groundbreaking exhibition devoted to new drawings by young contemporary artist Mateo López.

Mateo López will surprise us with his most recent exhibition Adentro y en medio, a body of work that surpasses conventional artistic standards in which the artist has chosen to make an exact replica of his atelier inside the gallery space. In this project the element of time plays a significant role; the spectator will be able to observe López working in his studio in a kind of performance while at the same time admire the virtuosity of the his three-dimensional drawings that act as reproductions of objects that one would normally see in an artist’s studio. With this gesture Lopez points to a series of important themes relevant to contemporary artistic practices, while at the same time exposing the artist’s creative process which is known to be so private and mysterious.

López adds value and autonomy to the technique of drawing which is usually conceived as the preliminary stage in the realization of an artwork. For the artist, drawing is a form of expression and an “illustration of the artistic process.” With this exhibition Lopez moves towards the field of three-dimensionality thereby making evident his outstanding ability of mimesis. His representations act as a kind of trompe l’oeil for they are so precise and almost exact that they tend to fool the naked eye; they trick the viewer into thinking they are real objects. Nevertheless, despite the precision that characterizes Lopez’s work, the viewer will find minute details that show proof of the artist’s touch.

With “Inside and in Between”, López attempts to create a new dynamic different to that which we are accustomed to finding in a conventional gallery space— the works hung on a wall— which can sometimes result somewhat austere. Contrary to this, this exhibition is playful, spontaneous and interactive. In addition to seeing López working within the gallery space, the spectator will be able to take part in the artist’s creative process. It could be said then that López’s show is an invitation to instruct oneself in the process of elaboration of an entire artistic project.